Data, Software and Services to advance structural science.

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) are world-leading experts in structural chemistry data, software and knowledge for materials and life sciences research and development.

CCDC data, software and services are trusted by academic and industrial institutions around the world with tens of thousands of active users.


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What we do.



The Cambridge Structural Database CSD

We curate and provide structural chemistry data to advance structural science.

Including public, proprietary and predicted crystal structure data.


CCDC Software

We create and provide software for scientists to learn from structural data.

Cheminformatics software including searching, visualising, analysing, docking and more.


CCDC Services

We provide consultancy and analysis to support your research.

From rapid assessments to ongoing partnerships - use our expertise to advance your science.

For Industry

CCDC Solutions for Industry

Our solutions are trusted by top pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other commercial research organisations.

Learn how our tools support the discovery and development of drugs, crop protection products, and novel materials

For Academia

Top academic institutions use our data and software to support their research and teaching.

From novel research to discover drugs or develop new materials, to teaching undergraduates fundamental chemistry concepts.

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CCDC Case Studies

It's our mission to advance structural science - but this truly happens in the hands of our global user base.

Explore publications which used CCDC data and software to see what's possible.


CSD Data and Software

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