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Understand fundamental aspects of chemistry, mine the world’s experimentally determined molecular structures, or develop novel compounds and materials.

Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) data and software are used by leading academic institutions around the world to support impactful research across chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, agrochemical science, and beyond.

We offer heavy discounts to all academic users, and our FAIRE grants make access free in over 80 eligible countries.

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University of Manchester

“With its software development and the Cambridge Structural Database, CCDC has stretched structural chemistry and biology to its limits.
The CSD with its innovative mining tools has become the most valuable information resource for crystallographers, crystal growers and crystal engineers, always sitting at the heart of what we do.”

Dr Aurora Cruz-Cabeza

Georgetown University

“The ability of the database to do new and interesting types of queries has a lot of potential – there’s no limit to how many questions you could ask.”

Professor Jennifer Swift

Abilene Christian Unviersity

“Our subscription to the CSD has been extremely beneficial to the research efforts of several faculty members in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and we are hopeful that we can continue to use it for years to come. It helps us to decide which projects are worth pursuing and to compare and contrast our results with those of other research groups around the world.”

Professor Greg Powell

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