About the CSD

What CSD Users Say

CSD data gives high-confidence predictions

“The breadth and depth of CSD data is enormous today. It covers a lot of space of interest to medicinal chemistry. Plus, you know that every structure you see has been derived from experiment. This leads to very high confidence in predictions based on CSD data, whether you predict a conformation or piece together a new structure from components.”

Dr Martin Stahl, Head of Lead Discovery, Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development

The CSD is the most valuable information resource

“With its software development and the Cambridge Structural Database, CCDC has stretched structural chemistry and biology to its limits.
The CSD with its innovative mining tools has become the most valuable information resource for crystallographers, crystal growers and crystal engineers, always sitting at the heart of what we do.”Dr Aurora Cruz-Cabeza, University of Manchester

Using the GOLD software for protein ligand docking on a laptop

CSD Software Helps You Get the Most from the CSD Data