The CCDC is an active, independent research centre. We are a partner institute of the University of Cambridge but retain research independence.

As well as providing the world’s database of small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structure data, and associated software for molecular analysis and design, we conduct research and regularly publish on topics around structural and data science.

Using our expertise in research fields including Crystal Engineering, Drug Design, Molecular Structure Analysis and Knowledge Mining we continue to publish extensively in the open literature. Harnessing more than 50 years of experience and enquiry into chemical and crystal structure, we remain committed to advancing these fields by doing our own research and collaborating with leading researchers, in both academia and industry.

If you have challenging problems as either an academic or industrial user, please do get in touch with us. We will help you to find a solution.​


Use our expertise to advance your projects. From ad-hoc projects to long-term partnerships we provide consultancy services to top organizations around the world, including top pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

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CSD Data and Software

Explore the Cambridge Structural Database and related software. Leverage the world’s structural science knowledge to advance your work.

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