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Helps you explore exciting new materials through analysing intra-and intermolecular interactions within the lattice, helping you to understand your material’s behaviours and refine its properties.

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Discover new molecules. For pharmaceutical and agrochemical researchers, CSD-Discovery provides in one place all the tools you need for discovering new molecules.

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CSD 2019

Available Now. The world's repository for small-molecule crystal structures. Download CSD 2019.

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32nd European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM)

  Meeting information The meeting of the 32nd European Crystallographic Meeting 2019 is the largest forum for crystallographers in Europe.&n...

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The past, the present, the future

We are delighted to announce that today we have launched our new logo as part of our plans to refresh our visual identity.

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Reviewing the impact of one million crystal structures

In a new review, coinciding with the millionth structure being added to the CSD, researchers from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) ha...

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CCDC's web based deposition service has been designed to enhance data processing efficiency from deposition through to publication. Find out more about the deposition process and how the team work to preserve scientific data here: #ChemTwitter #data

20/07/2019 4:01

Ever wondered what an anticrown is? This weeks #FeaturedStructureFriday is a first example of a complex consisting of an anticrown with a Lewis basic species. The structure (CSD Entry: YOLCAG was published by Vladimir B. Shur & co-workers in @Orgmet_ACS

19/07/2019 4:56

Make sure your hard work doesn't go unrecognised! Get your structures from your PhD thesis in the CSD! Here's our summer student Jake Bowden helping CEO Jürgen Harter add structures from his PhD thesis. Find out how to get your structures in the CSD here:

18/07/2019 4:00