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Ultra large GOLD docking Whitepaper

This whitepaper details how GOLD, a comprehensively validated and widely used docking software, was used to perform a virtual screen on cloud resources.

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Recent webinars include custom feature creation in CSD-CrossMiner, 10 (or so) things you didn't know about Mercury, ultra-large docking; scaling GOLD, and more!

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CSD 2019 Download Available

CSD 2022.2

Available Now. The world's repository for small-molecule crystal structures. Download CSD 2022.2. Find out more about the latest data updates here.

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Cambridge Cheminformatics Network and Digital Drug Discovery meeting November 2022

This cross-site meeting will welcome in-person attendees from Cambridge UK, Oxford UK and Berlin Germany as well as virtual attendees worldwide! Free ...

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Exploring Pharmaceutical Chemical and Mechanical Properties with CSD-Particle – Your Questions Answered

Eliminating potential manufacturing bottlenecks before they occur is highly advantageous in all industries. In the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and a...

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Conclusions of the 7th Crystal Structure Prediction Blind Test

Crystal Structure Prediction boundaries pushed beyond the pharmaceutical sector to areas such as electronics and photonics. Seven structures of 2D sy...

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Easily obtain visual displays of surface chemistry, charge and topology that can then be used to guide ##pharmaceutical manufacturing decisions, eliminating potential bottlenecks before they occur. . 🔗 Q&A with our scientific team at #ChemTwitter

28/11/2022 11:10

Researchers used computational methods to overcome the impracticality of experimentally identifying the ever-increasing number of potential MOF materials exhibiting high gas separation potential. 🔗New case study at #Cheminformatics #MOFs #Chemistry

24/11/2022 11:09

Brilliant presentation from Samuel Tetteh, our CSD Champion in Ghana, about the value of using the 1.2M crystal structures for education and research. Join us tomorrow 24th Nov @11a.m. (local time) for the workshop: Learning from 1.2 million structures. #Crystallography

23/11/2022 2:07