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The Cambridge Structural Database reaches 1,000,000 structures. Find out more here.

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In this white paper we introduce a knowledge based approach to improving effectiveness, quality and risk assessment in the development of solid formulations of drugs, agrochemicals and molecular materials..

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UPDATE 3 - 2019

With 14,673 new entries, this update brings the total size of the CSD to 1,023,815 entries and 1,006,180 unique structures. This takes the release past one million structures for the first time!

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CSD 2019 Download Available

CSD 2019

Available Now. The world's repository for small-molecule crystal structures. Download CSD 2019. Find out more about the latest data updates here.

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2019 UGM - USA

  We are excited to be hosting this year's US UGM on October 17th at the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia.  The day promises to be jammed ...

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Latest Blog

A Million Crystal Structures: the CSD Contribution in the Designing of Biologically-Active Molecules

Recently our colleague Pete Wood, in collaboration with Robin Taylor, authored an exhaustive review on how the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) has...

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Announcing the winner of the 2019 CSD 3D print contest

This year’s 3D print contest was one of best so far with eight very impressive entries! The winner is chosen from all the entries submitted via ...

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This week the #ChemistryNobelPrize2019 was awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham & Akira Yoshino @NobelPrize #FeaturedStructureFriday is one of John B. Goodenough’s recent structures, CSD Entry: TUFMEO ( published in @J_A_C_S in 2015

11/10/2019 4:52

Check out our latest blog! The #CSD contribution in the design of biologically-active molecules - a snippet of 'A Million Crystal Structures: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts' by @DrPeteWood & Robin Taylor ' #CSD1Million #drugdiscovery

11/10/2019 2:07

Our fourth CSD Hero is Frank Fronczek, Director of the X-ray Facility at Louisiana State University and a Fellow of the American Crystallographic Association. Frank currently has over 3,300 entries in the #CSD dating back to 1975! #CSDHeroes19 #CSD1Million

11/10/2019 11:07