Research Theme

Solid Form Science

Solid form sciences

The solid form science team investigate tools and methods to optimise the solid form properties of potential new products including new pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and fine chemicals.

The team contributes to publication outputs and has close links with both industry and academia to provide direction to the development of our CSD-Materials product suite.

Solid Form Science Initiatives


The Crystal Form Consortium (CFC) is a collaboration between industry and the CCDC to provide structural informatics tools and approaches for the rational design of the solid form.

The Crystal Structure Prediction Consortium (CSPC) brings together representatives from industry, academia, solution providers and data organisations to share progress, hear perspectives on the current state of CSP and discuss challenges and opportunities.

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Design Centres

CCDC Design Centres are long-term collaborative partnerships on the application of solid form informatics to a solid form pharma portfolio to manage risks along all stages.

Examples include the Pfizer Solid Form Design Centre (SFDC) and the Novartis Solid-State Collaborative Partnership (SSCP).

CSP Blind Test

The Crystal Structure Prediction (CSP) Blind Tests bring together scientists to advance CSP methods and overcome challenges.

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Selected Publications