Fields We Serve

Using Mercury software to assess small molecule crystal structures

We help you generate knowledge from data.

From discovery, to development, to manufacture, fundamental research, and teaching.

Whether you’re working on new pharmaceuticals, crop protection, catalysts, functional materials, or teaching chemistry CCDC is here to advance your structural science.

Used by 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies globally, as well as a growing number of start-ups and biotechs, our tools help you do your best work.

Top academic institutions use our data and software to support their teaching and research. From novel research on drugs or materials, to teaching undergraduates fundamental chemistry concepts.

Fields That Use CSD Software and Data

Photograph of some pharmaceutical pills


Data and software to support every stage of drug discovery, design, and development through to manufacturing.

Learn how we can support your target identification and validation, hit identification, lead optimization, solid form selection, stability analysis, and even processing and manufacturing.

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Academic research in structural science

Academic Research

Top research institutions around the world use our data and software to publish high-impact work on structural science.

From mass molecular data analysis using our CSD Python API, to understanding the fundamentals of bonding, probing historical data and experimental methods, or developing novel drugs or materials. See how we can support your academic research with the same data and software as commercial clients, at a fraction of the cost.

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Agrochemical research to discover novel pesticides and herbicides


Discover, develop, and manufacture novel crop protection compounds.

Leading companies in the field use our data and software for the molecular design of herbicides, pesticides and other agrochemical products. Explore the solutions for agrochemical development and view case studies.

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Crystals growing in the lab


As well as preserving and curating crystal structure data from the global community since 1965, we provide a range of free and advanced software tools to help in solving, preparing, and sharing your crystallography data.

See what we offer the crystallography community, from free CSD software and free data preservation, to advanced tools for data analysis and preparation.

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Teaching structural science and chemistry concepts at a CSD workshop

Teaching and Learning

From kids to undergraduates and beyond, we offer a range of free data, software, plus accompanying lesson plans and resources to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Learn what we can offer to help you teach chemistry using digital, computer methods to bring 3D structures to life, visualize concepts like bonding and space groups, and get students familiar with computational chemistry and cheminformatics.

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See All Software

Explore our complete software collection.

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Case Studies

Read case studies from publications across the literature that used CSD data and software in various applications.

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About the CSD

Learn more about the Cambridge Structural Database, the empirical data collected since 1965 that powers global scientific developments.

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