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Chemistry happens in 3D — show your students with interactive 3D visualizations. Teach concepts like bonding, co-ordination, geometry, chirality and more with 3D models of real-life molecular structures. Explore real-life applications of chemistry such as drug discovery, materials design or nutrients.

We offer a range of free and paid software and data to support teaching chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical science, materials science, crystallography and more.

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Vassar College

“I have been using it for over 20 years to illustrate the 3-D structures of interesting molecules! The Teaching Database, Mercury, and WebCSD, have made the CSD my primary (and indispensable) teaching tool. Students inevitably love seeing the magnificent structures and Mercury is so easy to use that they become captivated.”

Professor Miriam Rossi


“The CSD and related software became the leading tool for knowledge-based approaches in crystallography and related sciences. Its numerous applications in material and agricultural sciences, crystal engineering and pharmaceutics demonstrate flexibility of algorithms implemented within the CSD and high potential for future development. This became possible because not only many of the CCDC members are active scientists by themselves, but also due to their collaboration with industry and constant communication with end users which is highly appreciated.”

Dr Anna Vologzhanina

Illinois State University

“I have been a CSD user for at least 25 years and have been collaborating with CCDC scientists for over 15 years. With support from the U.S. National Science Foundation, I worked with the CCDC to provide two years of faculty training and full access for Chemistry Departments at dozens of U.S. Community Colleges and Primarily Undergraduate Institutions.  This collaboration helped us better understand how the CSD could be utilized to teach chemistry students.”

Professor Gregory Ferrence

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