CSD Software Telemetry

The CCDC would like to collect some anonymous, basic, diagnostic data on which CSD applications and features are used (product telemetry). This will help us more effectively direct our software development efforts in the future, so we would greatly appreciate you opting in by clicking ‘Yes’. To understand more about the insights we are hoping to gain from this data, read this blog article. From the 2020.0 CSD Release, we are also optionally asking you to indicate what type of organization you are associated with.

No data on the details of structures viewed or searches performed will be included. Sending this data will not impact the speed, security, or usability of applications. The facility to do this, on an entirely opt-in basis, will be in place in the software from the 2019.2 CSD Release onwards.

Below are some common questions, but if you have any further comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


How do I opt in?

You will be asked if you would like to opt-in during installation, or during the first start of an application after installation. This setting will then be stored and used for all CSD applications.


Will there be issues with firewalls, lack of internet connection, or non-standard internet settings?

No. It should pick up system web proxy settings, so if HTTP is available then it should work. If a computer is not connected to the internet the telemetry will simply do nothing. Messages are sent in the background so don’t slow applications down, and immediately stop if the application exits and information has yet to be sent.


What does “entirely anonymous” really mean?

We do not store user names, IP addresses, site numbers, or email addresses. The receiving service does temporarily pick up an IP address, but this will only determine an approximate geographical location, typically a city or region, e.g. Cambridge, UK.


What should I do if I change my mind about opt in?

If you change your mind and would like to see the dialog again so you can select a different option, the settings are in a file named CSDTelemetry.ini, located in one of the following directories. Deleting the settings file will reset the system and cause the dialog to reappear.

  • Windows: “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\CCDC”
  • Linux: “~/.config/CCDC”
  • macOS: “~/Library/Preferences/CCDC”

Should you have opted in from the installer, the settings file will be in one of the following directories and no further dialogs will be seen.

  • Windows: “C:\ProgramData\CCDC”
  • Linux: “/etc/xdg/CCDC”
  • macOS: “/Library/Preferences/Qt/CCDC”


Can I apply to opt in settings for every user on a given machine?

Yes, the software installer provides the option to decide to opt in settings for all users of each machine, or allows each user to choose their opt in settings individually alongside the software.


How does this work for applications without a user interface?

If an application is run that has no user interface, the chosen opt-in settings will be applied. If no setting has been made, then no diagnostic data will be sent by default until a user chooses to opt in via an application with a user interface.


What does the diagnostic data look like?

This simply captures some basic information on when an application or component has been launched, the operating system it was launched on when this happened, and during which session. The session ID is a randomly generated identifier for each application start. Similarly, the installID is a randomly generated identifier for each opt-in. An example is shown below: