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Data Release (June 2023) - Thousands of New Structures Added to the CSD

We are pleased to announce the release of the June 2023 data update of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). This data update delivers 16,068 new experimentally determined structures (16,798 new entries) to our desktop software.

With the addition of 16,000 new structures, this data update has structural chemistry information that appeals to a wide range of disciplines as outlined in the blog ‘Thousands of New Structures Added to the CSD – The Summer 2023 Data Update

For users with the latest 2023.1 version of the software, all available software or data updates can be applied by using the CCDC maintenance tool in the installation and selecting the ‘Update components option’. The CSD software suites also have a built-in auto-update mechanism that makes updating the data and software easy and will also notify you if an update is available.

If you are using a previous software (version 2022.3 or earlier), you will need to install the software from Downloads ​ ​- The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) , and this download will contain the latest data update.

If you have problems installing the update, see our FAQ for more details and other options.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions about updating.

On-Site WebCSD Update (May 2023)

This latest update brings access to macromolecule data from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) to your On-Site WebCSD portal, as well as updates to login security and structure editing.

If you have On-Site WebCSD and a CSD-Discovery licence, you will now be able to purchase an add on that enables you to search and mine protein binding site data from the PDB alongside small molecule data from the CSD, and your internal databases in one secure, online platform.

This new functionality is part of Macromolecule Hub, our new product to bring you even greater access to all types of structural data. Access is still behind your company firewall in a secure manner.


You can now also secure your On-Site WebCSD login, with the option to use Single Sign On (SSO) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Finally, you are now able to add and edit user details in bulk.

To access this new functionality, your installation admin will need to follow the update process for On-Site WebCSD that was introduced in Q4 2022.

If you have questions or need support in setting up or using any of these features, contact our technical support team here.

2023.1 CSD Software and Data Release (April 2023)

This is a full uninstall/reinstall release.

Software Update

This software update includes a host of interoperability improvements to existing features including InChIs in the Cambridge Structural Database, stereochemistry search, and ChemDraw export.

Read more in the Interoperability Improvements blog.

How to Get the Software Update

This release also includes a new desktop installer. After this install you will no longer need a full uninstall and reinstall to obtain these updates.

The new installer allows you to only download and install what you need rather than updating all the CCDC software and data in one go. This results in a much smaller size installer.

Once installed, you can update individual products and data separately as new versions become available, without the need for admin rights to your computer.

The new installer can be found here. You can also watch the new installation video.

CSD Data Update

This data update brings the total size of the CSD to 1,241,941 entries and 1,214,288 unique structures. The latest addition of over 75,000 structures further expands and diversifies our knowledge in chemistry and its applications. There is also an update on our ongoing investigations that have been carried out on structures associated with a pre-print on papermills in crystallography with 209 structures retracted from the CSD. Learn more about the April 2023 CSD data update in our blog here.

To get the latest data updates, simply install the 2023.1 CSD release using the new installer. If you don’t happen to install the data to begin with, you can use the new CCDC Maintenance Tool that you can launch from the CCDC installation folder to update your installation with the latest data. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about updating.

If you have problems installing the update, see our FAQ for more details and other options.