From teaching to research, academic users access CSD data and software for less.

Academic users receive access to all CSD data and software, at around 95% less than industrial users.

All you have to do is choose how many users need access. Learn more about options for your university or academic institute to get access to the CSD here.


CSD Licence for academic users

Explore the licence options below.

Whether you're a long-term user, or just curious and have no licence, you can always find out more here:


 Ask a questionAcademic Licence options for CSD

All academic users at universities and academic institutions receive the full CSD data and software package, CSD-Enterprise.

Simply choose the number of users who need access.


  • Researcher - just you? This single user licence is available for independent workers.
  • Group - up to 6 users, ideal for small teaching & research groups.
  • Campus - a high-use licence to cover an entire site, great for teaching, or where multiple groups or departments need access.

Contact us here for questions, quotations or to request a trial.


FAIRE programme for CSD licence in developing countriesFAIRE programme for CSD licence

To enable scientists in all regions to advance structural science, the CCDC offers grants to cover a CSD licence to universities in developing countries with demonstrable hardship.

Learn more about the FAIRE programme, and see which countries are eligible, here.


Ask a questionCSD-Community - select features and data

Limited software features and data free to access, including free Mercury.

Ideal for data checking, basic visualisation, or teaching.

Learn more about CSD-Community here.


CCDC Regional providersRegional Academic Distributors

Some countries are served by a National Affiliate Centre for local support.

Find out who to contact to request a CSD licence in your country here.


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