We believe that the future of drug design and manufacturing lies in a digital first approach.

The quality, variety and volume of molecular data available to scientists is increasing all the time. At the same time computing power continues to become more accessible, at lower costs.

This presents the opportunity to change how we develop medicines, reducing the inherent risks and making the process more efficient.


What is digital first drug design?

Digital first means interactive, knowledge based, precision drug design and manufacturing.

The companies who embrace this approach take a foundation of high quality data, and layer automated, integrated tools on top of this to answer questions and drive insights. They make use of smart workflows to put their data through rigorous analysis, and make sure their teams communicate and work together, not in silos.

As a trusted curator of structural chemistry data, the CCDC works with top pharma companies to help them use a digital first approach across their pipeline. We are CoreTrustSeal certified to provide stewardship and access to data, and curate and manage both public and commercially sensitive private data collections.


Learn more in our industry view report here.

Benefits of digital first drug design

Reduce experimental footprint - begin lengthy or costly experiments only when the time is right.
Generate novel insights - assess multiple datasets with the latest approaches, and see what others don't.
Reduce errors and biases - generate insights from quality data and precise analyses.
Make decisions with confidence - with both experimental and computational results supporting the call.
Reduce risk - discover problems earlier, and take projects forward with greater certainty.
Extend your team's expertise - partnering with CCDC on a digital first approach means you add our decades of knowledge and experience to your team.


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