A new data deposition process is good news for crystallographers

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Written by

Suzanna Ward

Posted on

June 23, 2014

As announced in our latest News Item, we are delighted by the launch of our next generation of CCDC Deposition services. Some of our depositors may have used our web-service before but this new service will make it even easier for chemists to deposit their data at the CCDC.
Details of the enhancements offered by the new process are described in the News Item and are accessed from our website home page. I urge you to take a look. The new process has been thoroughly tested by a panel of some of our regular depositors, and we have benefitted greatly from their feedback and observations. I hope you’ll agree that the new process is a great step forward.
As our depositors start to realise the benefits of this new service we plan to focus our efforts on building on this platform so that our depositors benefit further. At such a time as the community feels that the benefits of this service are strong enough, we will look into switching all routine depositions via our web-based system, removing the need for any depositions to be sent via email. This will allow us to focus our attention on the processes that will most benefit to depositors and the chemistry communities that rely on their data.
The CSD provides a persistent and comprehensive depository for the world’s small molecule crystallography data. We really feel that the improvements to the deposition process will be a spring board for the scientific community to help ensure that no data is lost to science. We believe the new service is so easy to use that crystallographers will feel there are no barriers to deposition with the CCDC, and we will be building on this in the months ahead. In time, we will add functionality to allow you easily to access, update and download your data. Depositors will also benefit from the advanced validation systems developed at CCDC to help us create the CSD. Our technology utilises the data in over 700,000 structures in the CSD to deduce the most probable chemical structure from the coordinates in a deposited CIF.  We will also be incorporating sophisticated CCDC diagram generation code for the benefit of depositors and authors.
We hope you share our excitement at these exciting new developments, designed to meet your evolving requirements over the coming years. In the meantime, please let me know what you think of the new deposition facility – I’d love to hear from you!
Suzanna Ward, Head of the Database Group at the CCDC:


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