It's well known that taking a drug from inception to launch is a long and costly road.

Despite advances in technology, the situation has not become easier; ROI in pharmaceutical R&D has fallen to its lowest level in a decade (Deloitte, 2019).

Our informatics based approaches can support you at every stage of drug discovery and development, to reduce risks and underpin key decisions with real world evidence.

The CCDC suites have been developed over years of experience working with the top big pharma companies, start-ups and CROs to address the real problems faced throughout drug development.

All of our tools are underpinned by the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) - a manually curated database of experimentally derived molecular structures. This foundation is key, with pharma industry leaders increasingly recognising the importance of real world evidence in a range of areas including to support regulatory submissions, and to identify new targets or areas of unmet need (Deloitte, 2020).


Explore how we can support you at every stage of the pipeline below, or get in touch to test any of our software for yourself.


target selection

Target Selection

hit identification

Hit Identification

hit to lead

Hit to Lead

Lead Optimization

  • Rationalize changes
  • Check the impact of changes with docking pose prediction.
  • Find isosteric replacements or scaffold hops to improve properties or avoid patented space.
  • Understand how changes affect conformations.

Candidate Selection and Early Formulation

  • Analyse solvates and hydrates to avoid issues downstream.
  • Assess the risk of polymorphs.




  • Check API-excipient interactions.
  • Improve tabletability of crystals.
  • Identify flow issues arising from morphology.

This is an area of future focus for CCDC - tell us your needs in this area and we will be in touch to discuss or update you on developments.