We believe great science is built on great data.

Our founder Dr Olga Kennard said of her vision in 1965:

Olga Kennard founder of the CSD

"We had a passionate belief that the collective use of data would lead to the discovery of new knowledge which transcends the results of individual experiments."

This still holds true today as research goes digital first, using artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to discover new drugs, develop new materials, and understand fundamental questions in chemistry.

This new way of doing research relies on high-quality, curated, FAIR data.


What we do.

We provide access to the world's published small molecule structures to support such work and enable companies to make their proprietary data ready to support their R&D efforts now and into the future.


The Cambridge Structural Database - CSD

The Cambridge Structural Database CSD

The world's published small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structures. Curated, managed, and trusted by academia and industry globally.

Connecting data - our data partners

Data Partners

Our data partnerships provide even greater access to our customers.

Proprietary data curation

Curation of proprietary crystallography data

We curate in-house databases for companies globally. Improve accessibility for your team, all within top security standards.

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  CoreTrustSeal CCDC

The CCDC is proud to be a CoreTrustSeal certified data repository.