John Pyle

John Pyle is the Head of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge.  His research involves the use of state-of-the-art numerical models, run on supercomputers, to study the processes controlling the present state of the atmosphere and its evolution. A NERC Unit, the Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling Support Unit, is incorporated into the group.

John’s current research activities include Stratospheric Modelling where the chemistry, dynamics and radiative transfer of the stratosphere are being studied using a number of numerical models, Tropospheric Modelling where a range of models for studying the chemistry of the lower atmosphere have been developed, Chemistry/climate interactions which has included a detailed chemistry package into the Met Office’s climate model and Atmospheric composition measurements where a lightweight gas chromatography instrument to measure halocarbons has been developed.  John is a Fellow of the Royal Society FRS and St Catharine’s College.

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