Clare Macrae

​Clare has a B.A. in Chemistry from Oxford University. She did her Part II research project in Graham Richards’ group.

She joined the CCDC in September 1987, and has been here ever since, apart from a 6-month spell at Oxford Molecular Ltd at the start of 1991.

Over the years, Clare has worked on most of the CCDC’s small-molecule-related activities, including being the original author and project manager of Mercury, the crystal structure visualisation application. She retains a keen interest in scientific visualisation. She has also been very involved in our C++ Toolkit, i.e. our in-house object-oriented crystallographic and visualisation C++ libraries, which provide the foundations for Mercury.

In the summer of 2009 Clare took over responsibility for project-managing the annual CSD System release.

Since April 2010, she has been leading our team of developers who are replacing the CCDC’s infrastructure for managing the work-flow of curating crystal structures into the CSD. This includes replacing some of the ancient systems that Clare originally worked on.

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