We're presenting and chairing talks at ACA 2021! Scientists interested in molecular and materials structure with specialities in biology, chemistry, geosciences, materials science and more will converge virtually for the 71st Annual Meeting of the ACA. The theme for the 2021 meeting is “Structural Science Awakens,” which celebrates the ACA’s new tagline “The Structural Science Society.” 

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Economics of Crystallography

Chairs: Lee Daniels (CCDC Business Development Executive) & Amy Sarjeant (Bristol Myers Squibb Associate Scientific Director)

Saturday, 7/31/2021 @ 12-3 PM EDT

Scientists cannot escape the restraint imposed by the cost of their research. This half-day session examines the past, current and future states of funding and profit in the world of structural science. The organizers encourage input from academia, industry, government and non-profit agencies in order to clarify the present and future of our science. Topics may include: How does funding drive the need and availability of crystallographic results? Why support crystallography? Funding a service lab, and justifying the cost. How does a contract research lab make the service economically feasible? Pharmaceuticals: What are the costs of exploring salts, co-crystals and polymorphs? What are the risks of NOT producing solid crystalline products?

Sponsored Webinar: New Data Updates, Subsets and Educational Tools from the CCDC

Speaker: Yinka Olatunji-Ojo, PhD (CCDC User Support Scientist)

Wednesday, 8/4/2021 @ 10 AM EDT

This sponsored webinar will discuss the latest updates from the CCDC, including database and software updates and new education and outreach efforts. We’ll present new subsets (like the MOF collection and Covid-19 subset), changes in the underlying database architecture and new partnerships. In addition, we have created new robust, online education tools to meet the needs of our user base. From home-friendly science festival activities to training videos and finally, hands-on virtual training sessions that are easy to follow and engaging.

Open Exchanges in Crystallographic Education

Chairs: Andrew Torelli & Kraig Wheeler (Dept of Chemistry, Whitworth University)

Speaker: Yinka Olatunji-Ojo, PhD (CCDC User Support Scientist)

Sunday, 8/1/2021 @ 12-3 PM EDT

Crystallographic education is vital to every aspect of our profession from the training of current and next-generation scientists to the potential for shaping public perceptions. This session offers an informal platform for speakers to communicate their approaches and techniques that promote the learning process of crystallography. The short format of this session (10-minute talks) will encourage speakers and attendees to freely share ideas on focused topics that range from innovative hands-on exercises, virtual resources, and novel must-have classroom modules. Dr. Olatunji-Ojo will speak from 1:20-1:30 EDT.

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