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CCDC are excited to be co-organising the upcoming Rational Solid Form Design and Development Summit alongside pharmaceutical technology company XtalPi

The summit, held in Cambridge Massachusetts in October this year, aims to facilitate discussion between researchers and industry players in the field of rational drug design and development and bridge the gap between newly available technologies and pharmaceutical research. 

Rational drug design and development are crucial steps in R&D initiatives where the intrinsic properties of a drug candidate, such as ADME/T, stability, and solubility, are established and enhanced. Exciting advancements in data analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, and other computational technologies are giving rise to a new generation of algorithm-driven tools that hold the promise of significantly improving the efficiency and success rate of drug design and development. From crystal structure prediction to AIpowered molecular simulation, new technologies are now accessible to address the unmet scientific needs in late drug discovery and early drug development, with encouraging results and exciting case studies that point to an increasingly digital future of drug R&D.

The summit will also offer insights on data strategy, IT security, and patent strategies relevant to implementing new technologies into existing R&D workflows to help pharmaceutical key decision-makers prepare for the future R&D and mitigate new challenges.   


Focused topics

  • Solid form selection and physical stability prediction
  • Crystal nucleation & growth
  • Crystal aggregation
  • Crystal morphology
  • Crystallization & solubilization
  • Rational co-formers & counterions selection
  • Crystal engineering
  • Materials property modeling
  • ADME/T prediction
  • Solid solubility prediction
  • Impurity purge modeling
  • Use of AI and machine learning in solid form R&D
  • Cloud computing for life science

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Find out more and register on the conference website here: https://www.rsfd2019.com/

We look forward to seeing you there!

CCDC presentations 

Title: Digital Design - from Molecules to Products with Solid Form Informatics

Speaker: Pete Wood - Senior Product Manager, CCDC 

Date: 21 October

Time: 13.10 - 13.45



Peter Wood Senior product manager

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Summit details

Date: 21 - 22 October 2019

Location: Le Méridien Hotel, Cambridge, MA 

Agenda: View the full agenda here.

Summit speakershttps://www.rsfd2019.com/speaker