These self-guided workshops are tutorials intended to demonstrate various tools and features included in the CSD-Core software suite.


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    • Mercury

      Structure Visualisations

      A self-guided workshop demonstrating the use of Mercury to create quality graphics of your structures.

      Prerequisites. None.

      Workshop code: MER-001

      This handout is also part of the CSDU module Visualization 101 - Visualizing structural chemistry data with Mercury. Visit the module webpage for more demos and tricks and tips! Upon completion of the module, you can also earn a completion certificate.

    • IsoStar


      A self-guided workshop demonstrating the use of IsoStar.

      Prerequisites. None.

      Workshop code: ISO-001

    • Conquest

      Introduction to ConQuest

      A self-guided workshop on how to conduct basic searches in ConQuest.

      Prerequisites. None.

      Workshop code: CQ-001

    • Conquest

      Introduction to WebCSD (Russian)

      A self-guided workshop on how to conduct searches in WebCSD (in Russian).

      Prerequisites. None.

    • Introduction to Hermes

      An overview of the Hermes user interface.

      Prerequisites. None

      Workshop code: HERM-001