Analysing molecular geometries 101 - basics of Mogul


Mogul geometry check can help identify inconsistencies within a crystal structure and can suggest values to be used for restraints during refinement.

In this workshop you will explore how to use Mogul to assess the geometry of a molecule using the information from over 1.1 million structures in the CSD.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to run a geometry check in Mercury.
  • How to launch Mogul from Mercury.

  • How to interpret the results obtained.

  • How to restrict the geometry check to a specific feature of a loaded molecule.



  • Feeling comfortable with basics of Mercury vizualisation:
    • Navigating the Mercury interface.
    • Editing styles and colours.
    • Displaying packing diagrams.


This module takes less than 2 hours to complete.

GUSRER entry Mogul results

Well done on completing the module!

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