Access the CSD and all CSD-Discovery and CSD-Materials elements.

All existing academic users have access to all CCDC software with the CSD-Enterprise suite.

If you would like to become a user of CSD-Enterprise, simply follow this link.

CSD-Enterprise includes everything in the CSD-Core, CSD-Discovery and CSD-Materials suites.

Who can benefit from using CSD-Enterprise?

  • Chemical crystallographers looking to explore and understand crystal structures

  • Protein crystallographers who need to check their ligand geometry

  • Structural chemists who want to discover and optimize new molecules

  • Materials scientists looking to engineer new materials and optimize their properties

  • Structural biologists who want to understand protein function

  • Biochemists and medicinal chemists needing to design new ligands

  • Educators demonstrating the applications of structural chemistry to their students

  • And more....

CSD-Enterprise gives you all the data plus all the functionality to advance your research

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Commercial Datasheet




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