CCDC Appoints Paul Davie to Lead Commercial Operations

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November 1, 2012

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (Cambridge, UK) announces that it has appointed Paul Davie as the organization’s Commercial Director. His role will be to establish operations internationally as CCDC develops closer ties with its extensive global user base and partner network.

Paul brings to CCDC a long and successful track record in the computational chemistry sector. He holds a chemistry degree from Oxford University and an MBA. After undertaking postgraduate research in surface physics at a Max Planck Institute in West Berlin, he joined molecular modelling pioneer Chemical Design Ltd in 1984. He went on to join Oxford Molecular in 1992 where he built and ran their European commercial software operations as a member of their operational management team. When, in 2000, Oxford Molecular merged with MSI to form Accelrys, Paul was appointed European General Manager and established the new company’s first Consulting Division. After a period as COO at InforSense, he founded the database security start-up Secerno, where he served as CEO and COO before they were acquired by Oracle. He then joined InhibOx, a specialist in cloud-based computer-aided drug discovery, as CEO.

Dr Colin Groom, Executive Director at CCDC, commented on the new appointment, “We are all excited about the experience and know-how that a manager of Paul’s calibre brings to the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. He is known for his ability to build very user-focused operations and has shown that he has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by computational chemistry researchers across the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and academic sectors. He will be instrumental in guiding CCDC’s next stage of evolution as we adapt to build ever-closer relationships with new and long-standing users and partners around the world.” Paul will be responsible for building new operations, established to serve CCDC’s global user community. He said “It is a privilege to be associated with CCDC, an organisation that has provided a unique and valuable service to crystallographers and modellers for almost five decades. CCDC’s status, as a non-profit charitable institute, gives it a very special relationship with its user community. Our first priority is to foster and develop this relationship further as CCDC evolves within a very rapidly changing world. We can only do this by staying close to our users.” About Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) is a not-for profit organization, established in 1965. It supports drug discovery and development through its Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), the world’s only fully-curated database of crystal structures, containing more than half a million small molecule crystal structures, and through knowledge-based tools to support receptor modelling, ligand design, docking, lead optimization and formulation studies. Its database and modelling systems are in use at research operations worldwide, including at all of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. Originating in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, the CCDC is a fully independent institution constituted as a non-profit company and a registered charity since 1989. The CCDC is financially independent, supported entirely through annual subscriptions received for the Cambridge Structure Database System and industry leading software such as GOLD and Relibase. The CCDC has a strong track record in basic research through more than 700 peer-reviewed publications; these papers have attracted more than 18,000 citations in the international scientific literature. More than 1,500 CSD applications papers by non-CCDC authors have been similarly well received. Contact Details: Email: