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Seth Wiggin

Posted on

May 25, 2012

Given the task of redeveloping the CCDC website, it was decided to look at everything again - both in terms of the site layout and the content. It was felt that the current website had been allowed to develop with new pages added as and when they were required, and a new site gave the opportunity to arrange things differently. We’ve taken a fresh look at the site as a whole, with the aim of producing a better overall experience for the user. To this end we’ve made quite extensive changes to the layout and added lots of new content, hopefully giving a better idea of all the activities that go on at CCDC.

We’ve worked on trying to make it easy to see the full range of products and services the CCDC offers. A new feature is the Solutions Guide (in the Solutions section) that recommends tools to help with aspects of your work in the broad categories of structure based drug design, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical formulation and development, crystallography and research and education. We’ve also improved our customer support by providing a comprehensive database of FAQs, to help you solve any issues you come across as quickly as possible. All software downloads are now accessible from a single page, and a new resources section offers material such as case studies, videos and CSD statistics.

The problem with any change is, of course, regular visitors are bound to feel a bit lost with the unfamiliar new design. This is why we’re making the transition to the new site gradually, ensuring that everything users expect to find is still available when it’s needed. It’s also to help us too - as Gary points out in the May newsletter, the new website uses a Microsoft SharePoint content management System that is new to us at CCDC. We want to make sure the new setup works just as we expect it to. Please take a couple of minutes to fill in the feedback form if you have a chance – the site is still a work in progress and we want to make it as easy to use and useful as possible.

You may be wondering what we’re planning to do with the website next. This depends on you, and the feedback you give us on this beta release. We’ll keep the current site up and running until we’re sure that we’ve addressed all the comments people send us, and visitors can find what they need from the new site. After that, you’ll have to keep visiting our blog to find out!


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