These self-guided workshops are intended to guide you through the use of various tools included with the free version of Mercury as well as our on-line Access and Deposition services.

Prerequisites. None.


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  • Mercury

    Structure Visualisations

    A self-guided workshop demonstrating the use of Mercury to create quality graphics of your structures.

    Workshop code: MER-001

  • Mercury

    Measuring and Calculating Objects in Mercury

    A self-guided workshop on how to measure distances, angles, and torsions and how to calculate centroids and planes in Mercury.

    Prerequisites. Basic Mercury knowledge (see MER-001).

    Workshop code: MER-005

  • Access Structures

    Access Structures

    A self-guided workshop demonstrating the use of our free on-line Access Structures service.

    Workshop code: WCSD-001

  • Structure Deposition

    Structure Deposition

    A a self-guided workshop demonstrating the use of our free on-line structure deposition service.

    Workshop code: DEP-001

  • CSD Communications

    CSD Communications

    Advantages and instructions of depositing your data as CSD Communications (Chinese and English text). This resource is originated from the “How to publish CSD Communications” video available on YouTube (watch here) and LabTube (watch here).