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I'm getting messages that my licence has expired or is missing a feature


If you are trying to use the free version of Mercury, your computer may previously have been activated with a licence which is no longer valid. To reconfigure it to use a free CSD-Community licence, run this command, changing the path to ccdc_activator if necessary.

C:\Users\USERNAME\CCDC\ccdc-utilities\software-activation\ccdc_activator -a -c

Otherwise, try to log into the CCDC Licence Portal to check whether the issue is with your licence or your local computer.

  • If your licence has expired you will be unable to log in - please contact admin@ccdc.cam.ac.uk and include your 36-character activation key.
  • If the message was about a missing licence feature, check the list of features on the licence portal. Contact support@ccdc.cam.ac.uk if the feature is missing on the portal and you think it should be included in your licence.

If the licence looks ok on the portal then you need to reactivate your computer. For an online single-user activation the command is

C:\Users\USERNAME\CCDC\ccdc-utilities\software-activation\ccdc_activator -a -k ACTIVATION_KEY

If your computer was activated offline then you will need to reactivate it each time your licence is extended so that it registers the new expiry date. See this FAQ on how to activate CCDC software without a direct internet connection on the system it is installed on.