Understand your solid form better with our solid form informatics reports and consultancy services.

Leverage our expertise, data-driven insights, and the latest software to better understand your solid form. From rapid reports to long-term partnerships, we provide secure, confidential analysis of your proprietary structures.

Why use Solid Form Informatics?

  • Insights derived from validated experimental data in the CSD, Cambridge Structural Database
  • Complement and guide experimental screening
  • Support the in-licensing of a compound for further development
  • Trusted approach used by top pharmaceutical companies to guide drug development

Quick comparison

Solid Form Snapshot

Solid Form Health Check

Secure data transfer to submit your CIF file
Strict confidentiality under CDA
Informatics-based analysis of your proprietary solid form
Uses CSD data with CSD-Core and CSD-Materials analyses
Guide and complement experimental work
Requires CIF with R-factor below 7.5 and all hydrogens placed
Analysis  Standardised, simple.   Bespoke, advanced. 
PDF report of results
Executive summary
Expert interpretation of results

Custom analysis to suit system and your requirements

Advice on next steps

Debrief meeting to present key findings and answer your questions
Delivery time after CIF received  2 working days   8 working days 


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