The CCDC Solid Form Health Check provides bespoke analysis of your crystal structure to assess risks and guide your development.

We apply decades of solid-form analysis experience, as well as knowledge derived from our data and the latest software, to understand your solid form.

This risk assessment can complement and guide experimental screening or support the in-licensing of a compound for further development.

Our team performs custom analyses on your API, and you receive a thorough report and executive summary, plus a debrief meeting where our scientists present key findings and answer your questions.

How does it work?

  1. After any required confidentiality agreements, send your CIF file by one of our secure file transfer methods. It is kept strictly confidential and visible only to required staff throughout the analysis.
  2. Our team begins our bespoke analysis of your structure and communicates early findings to you.
  3. Over the next week, our team performs a full analysis of your structure, examining inter- and intra-molecular hydrogen bonding, chirality, Z', polymorphs, and more. Our prepared reports include full analyses, executive summary, and interpretation of the results by our experts.
  4. We securely return the report to you and then follow up with a debrief meeting to present our key findings and answer any questions you may have about the results. Your structure is then deleted from our files.

CCDC Solid Form Health Check


Understand the stability and polymorphism risks of your solid form.

Allows a deeper understanding of your solid form, with the learnings from over 1 million known structures in the CSD (and your own proprietary structures if available) applied to assess stability, polymorphism, and  other risks. Reveals opportunities for intervention. Provides reassurance.

Prioritize and target your experimental work.

Complement and guide your experimental work based on the Solid Form Health Check results to help de-risk your solid form. Answer questions like: Are there any warning flags identified for this solid form? Is the crystal packing efficient? Are there accessible void spaces? Is the conformation unusual?

Expert consultancy and analysis.

Get straight to the key findings. Use our team's expertise from hundreds of assessments to customise the analyses, interpret the results and deliver the key recommendations to you.

A rapid preliminary report in about 2 days.

Confirm the full suite of tools (CSD-Materials) can be applied before we proceed.

A detailed written report in 8 working days.

Understand the complete analysis – with a written report delivered to you – including methodology, analyses, and our expert commentary and interpretation.

Executive summary.

Share results with colleagues – the executive summary makes it easy to share results across teams.

Debrief meeting.

Verify the details – following the written report, our team will meet with you to present the results and answer your questions.

Secure data transfer options to suit your security needs.

Feel secure partnering with CCDC – we have decades of experience working with top pharmaceutical companies including GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, and AstraZeneca. Your data security is our priority, and we can offer several options to suit your security needs.



  • How can I send you my proprietary structure securely?
    • Your data security is our priority, and we can offer a range of options to suit your needs – including dedicated user accounts, dedicated virtual machines or servers, or your preferred secure file transfer mechanism.

      We have decades of experience working with proprietary data from top pharmaceutical companies including GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, and AstraZeneca.


  • I only have electron diffraction/micro-ED analysis. Can you still perform a Solid Form Health Check analysis?
    • Potentially – let us know what data you have available and of what quality, and then we can advise if the analysis will work.

      We have performed Solid Form Health Check analyses with micro-ED, powder diffraction, and neutron diffraction data.


  • How will this help our experimental screening?
    • The Solid Form Health Check results can signal if you need to perform additional experimental screening or not and help you to prioritize and target this work. The results complement your experimental work by validating and building confidence in the selected solid form.


  • What is the impact of the Solid Form Health Check results?
    • The Solid Form Health Check results give you the confidence to proceed with the solid form, perform additional experimental screens or identify possible polymorphs.

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