Your data is what powers your science.

Your proprietary data is the foundation for your next discovery. However, data siloes and inconsistent storage can make searching, finding, and sharing results internally a challenge.

Apply our expertise to your data to improve accessibility and searchability for your team - all within top security standards.


What we do.

Our team has decades of experience curating and managing complex data sets and does this not only for the public CSD but for proprietary databases of top pharma around the world.


OnSite Web-CSDOn-Site WebCSD

The complete package. Our team will curate your proprietary data into a CSD-like database, accessible through a simple browser-based interface. This is all done within your firewall to comply with your data security requirements.

Your team will be able to search, analyse, view, share and learn from structural data easily across functions - breaking down siloes, and facilitating discussion between departments. Learn more.


Data consultancyData Consultancy

Looking for recommendations or an external perspective on your proprietary structural data management? Our team has decades of experience working with data sets of all sizes and complexities.

We can consult on an ad-hoc basis and recommend steps you can take to make your data work harder for your team.


Manage proprietary CSP dataTheoretical / Predicted data

See your experimental and predicted results side by side, to get the complete picture of your system of interest. View and understand CSP results quickly and easily, no matter your technical background.

We can help to generate a database of your computationally predicted structures to view, search and share within your team, as part of our CSD-Theory offering.


Our customers.

We provide proprietary data management services to top researchers around the world, including GSK and Pfizer.

Every project relating to proprietary data is unique, so contact us to ask a question and chat with our data scientists about your project. 



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