CCDC renewed partnership with University of Cambridge

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Written by

Jason Cole

Posted on

August 28, 2020

We are delighted to announce that we have renewed our partnership with the University of Cambridge as University Partner Institute. This agreement means CCDC will continue receiving and supporting graduate students with their studies and research in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

CCDC has had many students at Cambridge over the years of existence. We have been a formal UPI for the best part of 20 years since the program was formalised, and last renewed in 2012.Since 2012 several students have studied at CCDC as part of the program in a variety of different scientific areas from studying protein-ligand binding to crystallographic morphology generating many interesting publications.


By being a UPI, we can formally host students to undertake specialist research with an internal CCDC scientist as a formal supervisor, in collaboration with an Academic supervisor from the University of Cambridge. As we are a UPI the student gains access to all the trappings of student life at Cambridge, allowing them to be a member of a college with the associated pastoral care and take a full part in collegiate life, while also being able to take advantage of CCDC’s experience for scientific guidance. Our mission is to shape the future of structural science and by promoting collaboration with the University of Cambridge we believe we are inspiring a new generation of structural chemists. University Academics who are interested in taking advantage of CCDC’s experience to enrich a students PhD should contact us at . We are always interested to hear about interesting projects where a student might benefit from our expertise. For formal new PhD students in the UPI program, we advertise through our web site but receive applications through the Graduate Admissions Office.