The CCDC is:

What we do

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) are world-leading experts in structural chemistry data, software and knowledge for materials and life sciences research and development.

  • We specialise in the collation, preservation and application of scientific structural data for use in pharmaceutical discovery, materials development and research and education.

  • We compile and distribute the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), a certified trusted database of fully curated and enhanced organic and metal-organic structures, used by researchers across the globe.

  • We inspire the next generation of scientists through our educational and outreach activities, and through our PhD sponsorships.

  • We empower scientists of all backgrounds to achieve their research goals through our FAIRE access programme as part of our non-profit, charitable status.

Our cutting-edge software empowers scientists to extract invaluable insights from CSD and proprietary data, informing and accelerating their research and development.


What makes us different?


  • High quality trusted data

Each structure within the CSD undergoes extensive validation and cross-checking via automated workflows and through manual curation by our expert chemists and crystallographers. This means you can trust that all the data within the CSD is accurate, consistent and high-quality.

Furthermore, we enrich all the data with bibliographic, chemical and physical property information, adding further value to the original structural data, enabling you to interpret structures in a chemically meaningful way. Learn more about our data curation process here.

We enable researchers to publish data that otherwise would have remained unpublished, confidential and unknown, directly through the CSD. The CSD therefore contains data that isn’t available anywhere else.



  • Intelligent software & expertise

Our in-house software experts keep up to date with the latest developments in global data and software, applying their knowledge and expertise, to develop robust systems that provide researchers the tools to access, visualise and meaningfully interpret the data within the CSD.


  • Knowledge

Using novel application of existing and new algorithms and methods to explore the high-quality structural data and physicochemical properties within the CSD, we are able to extract scientific insights to advance structural science worldwide.


  • Scientific expertise

Our science teams have combined expertise across a range of computational chemistry fields. Through continuing research and publication, and our ongoing collaborations with research teams at pharmaceutical companies and research institutions alike, they understand the challenges present in discovery and development. With this experience we are able to innovate and grow our software to better support the research goals of our users.


Supporting the community

We are committed to the advancement of chemistry for public benefit, serving the global chemistry community by helping to address our customers’ structural, physical and chemical challenges through high quality data, cutting edge software and specialist knowledge.

We offer a selection of products and services free of charge for the benefit of the scientific community. Our services cover a wide range of crystallographic tools - from data collection, validation and visualisation to teaching, research and analysis.

Find out more about how we are involved in supporting the community here.


We shape the future:

  • With software and data services that accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines and chemical products;
  • We promote collaboration across academia and industry to generate new discoveries in structural science;
  • By inspiring a new generation of structural chemists globally through education and outreach.



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