CCDC offers a selection of products and services free of charge for the benefit of the scientific community. The services detailed below cover a wide range of crystallographic tools - from data collection, validation and visualisation to teaching, research and analysis.


Crystal Structure Visualisation and Exploration Made Easy. Advanced features in Mercury are available with a CSD-Core in the full Mercury software


CIF checking, editing and visualisation software from the CCDC


The most complete collation of observed molecular and crystallographic symmetry properties to date

Deposit Structures

Upload your data to the CCDC for inclusion in the Cambridge Structural Database


A command-line tool for performing crystal structure reduced cell checks against the CSD

CSD Educational Collection

Free 750+ structure subset of the CSD for teaching purposes

Access Structures

View and retrieve structures in the Cambridge Structural Database

My Structures

View, retrieve, edit and update your deposited data and share your structures with co-workers pre-publication

CSD MOF Collection

A collection of over 10,000 MOF structures free for use in academic research.



View comparison table: free mercury CSD-Community vs full licence version.


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