What is the Frank H. Allen International Research and Education (FAIRE) Programme? 


As the need and desire to perform structural chemistry research expands globally, CCDC recognizes that not all researchers are able to afford even a minimal contribution to support the continuing maintenance of the CSD. Therefore, CCDC has established the Frank H. Allen International Research and Education Programme (FAIRE) to support structural chemistry research and education in developing countries through use of the CSD.  FAIRE award grants will be sufficient to cover CSD-Enterprise access at the campus level for three years for researchers in developing countries who have a demonstrable hardship. 

Recipients are asked to provide a summary of usage information annually for the duration of the FAIRE award and a short summary of research or education uses of the CSD-Enterprise software at least once during the three-year period.  Researchers may re-apply after three years, to secure continuing support. 


Our mission: 

To ensure that all researchers and educators are able to access the wealth of information contained within the CSD, and hope that through this program we enable scientists to pursue new avenues of structural chemistry research.


 Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Who is eligible?
    • Eligibility applies to academic researchers in developing countries on this list, and who can demonstrate a true hardship in paying even a modest contribution.


  • How can I apply?
    •  For information about how to apply, please see the Application page.


  • How long will the FAIRE award last?
    • An award will cover contributions for three years. To renew the license each year, you will need to submit a short report on the work being done using the CSD and its applications, any publications that result from this work, and usage numbers for your university.  Researchers can re-apply after each three-year cycle. We ask that if you secure funds from your institution or another granting agency to cover access to the CSD, you begin making contributions for the CSD-Enterprise license.


  • What usage information will I need to provide?
    • We ask that you let us know the number of students and faculty who are active or occasional users of the CSD-Enterprise software and what schools or departments benefit from the software. Additionally, we ask that you provide us with a list of all publications resulting from work done with the CSD and its applications.


  • What else do I need to do?
    • FAIRE award recipients must cite the CSD and acknowledge the programme in any publications which result as a use of CSD-Enterprise. Recipients are encouraged to provide a summary of research or educational experiences with the CSD for posting on our blog, news site, or other social media channels.  We ask that recipients provide at least one summary during the three years of the award.


  • Can I request a grant to cover my use of GOLD?
    • Yes. The FAIRE awards cover access to all of the applications included in CSD-Enterprise.