Apply for a FAIRE award

If you are a researcher in an eligible country, you may apply for a three-year award from the Frank H. Allen International Research and Education Programme to cover costs of a license to the CSD during that time.

If you are a student, we suggest you encourage your supervisor or department leader to apply for FAIRE. This is because we will need a permanent member of staff to sign the agreement, in case the application is successful. Having them applying directly will avoid any delay.

Using Mercury software to assess small molecule crystal structures

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What happens next?

The CCDC – We will review your application and we will let you know the outcome. If the application is successful and you, the applicant, are a member of staff, we will send you the license agreement to sign. If you, the applicant, are a student, we will first need to get in touch with the member of stuff you indicated in the application, which can delay the process.

You – Once you receive the agreement, you will need to read through it, sign it, and then send it back to us.

The CCDC – We will email you the activation keys for you and your institution, and links and instructions to download, install and activate the CSD.

You – Share the keys with your colleagues and students, so your institution can download and install the CSD data and software, and start using them in research and teaching!


Every year for the duration of the award

The CCDC – Every year you will receive an email from us asking you about your publications.

You – Send us a list of all your institution’s publications that have used the CSD with a FAIRE license that year. We will feature them on our website.


At the end of the award

The CCDC – After 3 years we will let you know your license is about to expire. We ask that if you secure funds from your institution or another granting agency that covers access to the CSD, you begin making contributions for the CSD-Enterprise license. Otherwise, you will need to re-apply for the FAIRE award.

You – If you have secured funds, you can get in touch and we will be able to advise you on your next steps. Otherwise, re-apply using the same form above.


Any question?


Check the FAQs on the FAIRE programme webpage.


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