The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) has reached 1 million structures and below you can see some statistics on this highly valuable collection of curated data. The millionth structure was reached in June, you can read more about the countdown and how we define a million structures in our Blog Post and discover more about CSD one million here

These statistics are generated weekly on all the curated published structures in the CSD using the CSD Python API, they do not include structures undergoing enhancements. A daily update on the Countdown to CSD 1 Million is shown on the front page of the website and this corresponds to all the published CSD data, including structures undergoing enhancement available through our online Access Structures service. Additional statistics produced as an annual snapshot of the CSD are available from the Documentation and Resources page.

The number 'CSD Structures' refers to the number of unique crystallographic data collections deposited at the CCDC. The number of CSD entries is a slightly larger value, as each CSD entry corresponds to a published reference to a dataset.

CSD Growth

Number of Curated Entries in CSD


Unique Curated Structures in CSD


Unique Author Names


Unique Publications


CSD Communications

Last Year 5,116
To Date 48,782

Number of Refcode Families


Number of Polymorph Families


Structures with Melting Points


Top Journals This Year

Top Journals Last Year

Top Authors This Year

Top Authors Last Year

Milestone Structures

Number Refcode
200,000th VAVFAZ
250,000th IBEZUK
300,000th EHUFUI
500,000th EFEMUX01
750,000th ZOYBIA
800,000th TUWMOP
900,000th PATXEQ
1,000,000th XOPCAJ