Ian Bruno

Ian has a BSc in Chemistry from Durham University and a PhD in Information Science from the University of Sheffield. He has worked at the CCDC since 1993 in a variety of roles. As a Scientific Software Engineer, he contributed to the development of many of CCDC's core software products, most notable ConQuest and Mogul. He has has management responsibilities for a range of teams at CCDC and led various software development, science and data activities.

In his current role as Director of Data Initiatives, Ian is responsible for establishing strategies that will make CCDC's data more readily discoverable and reusable by wider scientific communities. A specific focus is on the adoption and development of community principles, standards and sustainability models to support these aims. He is an active participant in a range of global initiatives including the Research Data Alliance, the International Union of Crystallography and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. He is currently Secretary of the InChI Trust.

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