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How to disable automated update checking


By default Mercury, Hermes and CrossMiner automatically check for updates after they have been running for 5 minutes. On a multi-user system these automated checks are unhelpful for users who do not have the access required to install the updates, and at the time of writing the 2023.1 release has some issues where checking for updates as a user without write access to the "cache" will give an error message.

If disabling the automatic update check via Help -> Check For Updates is not working then it is possible to disable it by editing the program's configuration file manually. This config file is stored in a (hidden) subdirectory of your home directory.

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%AppData\Roaming\CCDC
  • Linux: ~/.config/CCDC
  • Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/CCDC

The name of the file is Mercury.ini, Hermes.ini or CSD-CrossMiner.ini. Close the CCDC program which uses this file (e.g. close Mercury before editing Mercury.ini) and open the file in a text editor. Search for the string automatic_check_for_updates. For Mercury or CrossMiner there will be a line


For Hermes it will be


Change the word "true" to "false" and save the file. If you use more than one of Mercury, Hermes and CrossMiner repeat this process for each program.