The CCDC produces some software that is accessed as a service hosted by the CCDC in Cambridge. To access these services please click on the links or icons below.

IsoStar - provides rapid access to knowledge about the intermolecular interactions formed by a wide variety of chemical groups. Access to IsoStar is available to those with a licence for the Cambridge structural Database System.

The public IsoStar server may be accessed at 

CSD teaching subset - this interactive demo allows you to browse through all of the 500+ entries in the CSD Teaching Database using the standard WebCSD interface. When used in conjunction with our teaching material, a number of example teaching exercises (including VSEPR and stereochemistry) can be completed.

The Teaching Subset may be viewed at

Relibase -allows easy searching of protein-ligand complexes. This free for academics version has a subset of the full functionality of Relibase+ which is available under licence to fee paying customers.

The public Relibase server may be viewed at

WebCSD - is the online portal to the Cambridge Structural Database, featuring access to the latest CSD data and an intuitive interface for easy access to rapid searching functionality. Access to WebCSD is available to those with an unlimited site licence for the Cambridge structural Database System. 

The public WebCSD server may be accessed at