With over 50 years at the forefront of structural chemistry, you're in safe hands with CCDC services and consultancy.

From rapid one-off projects to long-term partnerships, our services support and extend your in-house computational chemistry teams to give you better insights, faster.


What we do

We provide analysis and consultancy to support your molecular discovery and development. CCDC services to support your molecular discovery and development

Our unique position allows us to offer clear, reliable, and actionable insights for teams facing questions in their drug design and development processes.

This comes from our years of experience in three key areas:



Our services are backed by our CSD-Core, CSD-Discovery, and CSD-Materials software suites, which are trusted by thousands of scientists globally.



Apply learnings from the million-plus validated, known structures in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) to your structure - to assess unusual features and risks.

Or use our knowledge to curate your own proprietary data into a database which makes it easy to find, share and draw big-data insights from.

All projects are handled with strict data security and confidentiality. Our services are trusted by top pharmaceutical companies, so you're in safe hands with the CCDC.



Leverage our expertise from working with top pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies for over 50 years. If you don't have informatics or computational resource, or you need surge resource to meet a deadline, our team bring a wealth of experience to every project.


CCDC services

The table below shows some of the support we offer in different areas of solid form chemistry research and development.

However we understand each project will have different needs, so we are happy to discuss and quote against any project brief with no obligation.

Get in touch to chat with us about your needs in script writing, data searching, docking, or anything else.


Discovery Services

Docking - let us assess binding and help you understand your compound behaviour.

Pharmacophore analysis - define and understand key features of your structure to identify possible changes.

Scaffold hopping - improve the medicinal chemistry of a lead through targeted core scaffold changes. 

And more... - contact us to discuss bespoke support.

Solid Form Services

Solid Form Healthcheck - assess any structure for polymorphism and stability.

Solid Form Snapshot get fast findings and recommendations in this rapid, automated check.

Co-Crystal screen

CSP Landscape

And more... - tell us what your project needs for bespoke support in materials and particle analysis.

Data Curation Services

Custom database creation - make your crystal structures, XRD patterns and more organised and searchable.

Database assessment - have our team assess your systems and make recommendations to improve speed and access. 

And more... - let us know what you need from your data for bespoke support.


Find out more

Every project is unique - and so is our support. Our consultancy can range from a few hours to long-term partnerships, get in touch and tell us what you need.

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