Our partner software solutions make CSD data and software available to access in powerful ways through the products of our key software partners. The CSD Python API provides a standardised and flexible route for integrations, but these offerings provide tailored packages for specific software and are available for CSD subscribers.

CSD Linker DatabaseCSD Linker Database

The CSD Linker Database from CCG can be used within MOE to aid the fragment-based drug design process.


TorsionAnalyzer CSD Torsion Library

TorsionAnalyzer CSD Torsion Library

The TorsionAnalyzer CSD Torsion Library from BioSolveIT


CSD ReCore Index

CSD ReCore Index

The ReCore Index, based on the CSD, is a database of fragments from BioSolveIT for rescaffolding.


Spark CSD Fragment Database

Generate novel structures for your project using the Spark CSD Fragment Database for scaffold hopping and R-group exploration.


KNIMECSD KNIME Nodes Component Collection

The CSD KNIME Nodes component collection provides integration to the KNIME Analytics Platform to make the CSD data and CCDC scientific tools available within the KNIME scientific and enterprise workflows. Explore the CSD KNIME component collection here.


Pipeline Pilot by Daussalt Systemes

CSD Pipeline Pilot Component Collection

Our CSD Pipeline Pilot protocols allow Pipeline Pilot users to access CSD Python API functionality without the need to write Python.


Panalytical HighScore CSD integration

PANalytical's HighScore software for powder diffraction

CSD licence holders can use the CSD in Panalytical's HighScore software to identify (mixtures of) organic materials, as sole data source or in combination with other databases. You can also make crystal structure information for identified phases available, allowing further structure refinement or quantitative analysis without manual import of the data.