Our industry led interest groups and consortia help to steer the future direction for cheminformatics data and software.

The CCDC works closely with companies from across the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, to develop and grow our data and software offerings in line with real world challenges.

See how you can work closer with the CCDC through our industry led development programmes.


Research Partners

Agrochemical development with CCDC

Get early access to new discovery tools and shape future developments.

Consisting of 19 top pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

Crystal Form Consortium

Drug discovery and development with CCDC

Join the team developing structural informatics tools for solid form design.

Consisting of 12 top pharmaceutical manufacturers who shape priorities for new development tools.

CSP Consortium

Industry development at CCDC

Shaping Crystal Structure Prediction data standards and developing CSD-Theory software for the management and analysis of CSP landscapes.

Consisting of 6 member companies plus expert academic collaborators.


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