Easy, secure access to proprietary and public chemistry data all in one place.

Link to other in-house databases allowing the full value of your chemistry data to be realised. Installed within your network, On-Site WebCSD gives full security to your data.

Combined with public data from the CSD, this allows users across the whole of your organisation easy access to gain big data insights without the hassle.



Installed within your network, allowing you to control the data and security.


No end-user installation, device agnostic and multi-site.  No specialist training required.

Search multiple public and proprietary databases in one place

View the full landscape and understand differences. Gain big-data insights.

Multiple intuitive search options

Search your way - sketch, keywords, names, identifier, unit cell, similarity searching. Options available to suit all roles and levels across your organisation.

Link datasets

Provides ease of access and enables discoverability.


Build with your own terminology / customised to your needs.

Integrated with CSD software

Easy to move results into Mercury and other powerful CCDC algorithms for further work.

Can include predicted structures with CSD-Theory add on

Gives powerful crystal structure prediction of molecules of interest.

Update as you choose

Update your proprietary data as often as you need to. You can designate early access and full entries if required.

Link files to proprietary data

Link files to your proprietary data (e.g. CIFs, powder patterns) so you get the complete picture of your system of interest.


Do I need to send you my proprietary data?

  • No - the CCDC doesn't need to access your data, it can remain securely behind your firewall at all times. If you click on an external link you will get a warning you will move off-site.

How is the data updated?

  • CSD data is updated quarterly. Proprietary data can be either updated yourself using curation tools provided or the CCDC can support if required.

How do I create the database?

  • The CCDC provides tools to create your database and can help if required.

How long does on-site WebCSD take to set up?

  • Installation can be done within a day. Data curation depends on the size and format of your data. CCDC support is available if required.

What are the system requirements?

  • A Linux server with a  Red Hat 7 or CentOS 7 operating system.

Do I need proprietary data?

  • No. If desired, On-Site WebCSD can be used to easily and securely share public CSD data across your organisation.

How can I search my proprietary databases, the CSD, and select either/or/many?

  • On-Site WebCSD provides tick boxes you can select which databases to return results from.

What do I need to install for On-Site WebCSD?

  • This depends on your exact system setup - but we have experience in a range of options and are able to support in setup.