Your time and resource to spend on research projects is limited and you want to be sure you are utilising CCDC’s tools to best advantage. If this sounds familiar, why not let our contract research team take on some of the load?

  • Drug Design – Harness our extensive expertise in structural chemistry including structure based virtual screening, series optimisation, 3D model validation and much more. Benefit from the shared depth of expertise of our collaborative joint service with InhibOx that includes extensive commercial drug discovery experience and use of leading proprietary technologies developed by both organisations (including CCDC’s world leading docking package GOLD).
  • Drug Development – Make use of our expertise to help you make the right choices in solid-form selection using our world leading platform in Solid Form Informatics. We can provide a risk assessment for your solid forms and rationalise your screening protocols by applying the knowledge contained within our database of hundreds of thousands of crystal structures.
  • Solve Structures from Powder Patterns – Using DASH, one of the most powerful packages for structure solution from PXRD and developed by CCDC in collaboration with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, our expert crystallographers can help you to solve knotty problems
  • Pay-per-search – We can design CSDS search queries for you and provide CSDS datasets for individual projects and patent investigations.

Contact with your requirements.

Contract research may be offered as either a Service or as a Collaboration. The latter places no restriction of CCDC’s usage of any technology developed and may lead to publication.

  • Materials Science – If you are interested in applying the CCDC’s tools to metal-organic frameworks, catalyst design, molecular electronics, nanotechnology or novel optical materials, we would be interested in hearing from you to discuss a potential collaboration.