Information derived from the CSD is vital to structural chemistry research in its broadest sense, and in particular to pharmaceutical drug discovery, materials design, drug development and formulation. Thousands of papers and reviews have been published worldwide that describe research applications using the accumulated data in the CSD. Up until 2014 the CCDC maintained a free searchable database, called WebCite, of these publications. This included published papers in which the CSD System or other CSD products (GOLD, SuperStar, DASH, etc.) have played a fundamental role in facilitating the research.

In recent years the ability to search publications and citations through third party services and websites has become a lot easier and so we took the decision not to continuing maintaining this database. We do however still maintain a list of CCDC Publications. If you are still interested in the WebCite data then please contact us, and include the term ‘WebCite’ along with a general description of the information you are looking for in your enquiry.

For reference, here are links to citation reports in Google Scholar of the current (2016) and previous (2002) official Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) reference papers:


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