Information derived from the CSD is vital to structural chemistry research in its broadest sense, and in particular to pharmaceutical drug discovery, materials design, drug development and formulation. More than 2,000 papers and reviews [e.g. 2-4] have been published worldwide that describe research applications using the accumulated data in the CSD. Literature references and short synopses are freely searchable at:

WebCite is a database of published papers in which the CSD System or other CSD products (GOLD, SuperStar, DASH, etc.) have played a fundamental role in facilitating the research.

The more straightforward uses of the CSD, e.g. to locate comparative data for use in crystal structure reports, are not included in WebCite.

Each entry in WebCite contains the following searchable information fields:  

  • Authors
  • Journal
  •  Year of publication
  • Category of research topic (see list below)
  • Title of paper
  • Synopsis of the paper prepared by CCDC staff


The last two fields are searched together as Title/Synopsis. A search HELP document can be accessed here or via the search setup page.