Andrew Maloney

Andrew G. P. Maloney obtained his degree in Materials Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. He then remained in Edinburgh to undertake a PhD with Prof. Simon Parsons and Dr. Pete Wood (CCDC), studying intermolecular interactions in organic and inorganic systems. His thesis work included expanding the PIXEL method to include transition metals, increasing the number of CSD structures that could be analysed in this way, for which he was awarded the 2016 Fraser and Norma Stoddart PhD Prize.

Andy joined the CCDC in January 2015 to perform research supplementing the CCDC’s software with energetic analysis. His current role involves research into structure-property relationships to understand and predict solid form stability.

Andy’s research interests include crystal engineering through the analysis and prediction of multi-component systems, polymorphism and intermolecular interactions using a combination of knowledge-based and computational methods. He is particularly interested in studying the differences in crystal packing between single and multi-component systems as well as the effect of high Z’.

Andy is a member of the British Crystallographic Association, the European Crystallographic Association and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is the co-chair of the European Young Crystallographers.

Google Scholar: Andrew G. P. Maloney