Elna Pidcock

Elna Pidcock has a first class honours degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry from the University of Manchester. She has held postdoctoral positions at Stanford University, USA and The University of East Anglia, UK. Since then, Elna has worked at the CCDC, based in the Research Group until 2006. There she carried out research into the fundamentals of molecular packing, first examining the relationships between molecular and crystallographic symmetry. Later she developed a simple model of crystal packing which categorises all unit cells into one of a few structural types. The development of this framework allowed an analysis of Z’>1 systems which indicated that molecular shape has a significant role to play in intermolecular interactions. Elna is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a advisory member of the IUCr’s Structural Chemistry commission. ​

ORCID ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7387-7418

Since her promotion to the role of senior research and applications scientist in 2006 she has continued her interest in small molecule crystal packing through leading the CCDC’s Crystal Form Consortium. The Crystal Form Consortium is an international group of leading development, process and formulation chemists from the pharmaceutical industries and agrochemical businesses. The aim of the Consortium is to develop database derived knowledge of intermolecular interactions; crystal packing and crystal morphology into tools which will aid solid state scientists make high quality decisions with lower risk. ​

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