Shyam Vyas

Shyam Vyas joined the CCDC in January 2014 as a Senior Scientist within the Materials Science team. He did his PhD at The Royal Institution of Great Britain and Imperial College on computational chemistry studies of inorganic solids. Between 1996 – 2009 he was with Accelrys Software and held various roles supporting their materials science customer base first in the UK and later in the Americas. It was here he developed an interest in the solid state properties of pharmaceutical and small organic molecules. Before joining the CCDC he was a Senior Consultant at Process Systems Enterprise where he supported their Life Science customers in the areas of industrial crystallization and solids handling processes. He has also held roles with the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory and Los Alamos National Lab, He has been a visiting scientist at Imperial College and Columbia University. His research interests include structural informatics applications to actinide organic complexes, crystal structure prediction, and the materials science of organic compounds.

Google Scholar: Shyam Vyas