Ilenia Giangreco

Ilenia Giangreco obtained his degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Bari (Italy). She then remained in Bari to undertake a PhD in Computational Chemistry and Drug Design working on the development of new methodologies to interface 3D-QSAR and docking approaches.During her PhD course, she spent one year at Astex Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, UK) under the supervision of Dr. Marcel Verdonk and Dr. Christopher Murray working on the development of a method, based on Voronoi contact statistics, to study protein-ligand interactions and their applications in docking and FBDD (Fragment Based Drug Discovery). Ilenia spent two years in a postdoctoral position on pharmacophore validation at AstraZeneca (Alderly Park, UK), before joining the CCDC in September 2013. As a Research and Application Scientist in the Life Science team, Ilenia works at the interface between research, software development and user services. Her role includes applying the latest knowledge-based techniques to drug discovery. She is responsible for guiding the development and scientific validation of a number of CCDC’s software products.

​Ilenia is a member of the Society of Chemical industry and sits on the YCP (Young Chemists' Panel).

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