The IYPT in Crystals Project Competition

Many elements have not been completed yet, and so may not be visible on our site. 
We are running a competition to find the IYPT crystals winner. It will be great if you want to contribute. Read the competition rules below and find out more how to get involved

The IYPT in Crystals contest aims to highlight all the volunteers that helped us publish the elements of the Periodic Table and give everyone a chance of becoming our IYPT in crystals winner. To enter the competition all you need to do is contribute an element page. To find out more about what is involved in entering click here. You can volunteer by filling the form below and then we will be in touch with more details on how to select an element and what you need to do. While you are doing that, why not read our competition rules below?


Competition rules:

  • The competition will be held from the date the last element page is complete or the 20th March 2020 – whichever comes first.
    Due to exceptional circumstances and current worldwide events, we have decided to extend the deadline until the 10th of April.
  • The competition will run for a total of one month.
  • Only element pages completed and published by the 20th March 2020 will be eligible.
  • The competition is open to volunteers who contribute at least one element page to the IYPT in Crystals project.
  • Elements produced by members of the CCDC or the IYPT in Crystals project team will not be eligible for short-listing.
  • Element pages not published on the IYPT in Crystals project will not be considered.
  • 6 elements published before the competition start date will be short-listed.
  • Short-listing will take place by a panel made up of IYPT in Crystals project members and the short list will be chosen by a complicated combination of the judgement of the panel and the number of web-site views and social media engagements obtained by the element; (and once they’ve made up their collective mind, their decision is final).
  • The 6 elements short-listed will then be published on social media and the CCDC website
  • The votes will be registered on the CCDC website and anyone can vote on their favourite short-listed element as many times as they like.
  • The winner will be the author of the most voted for element page.
  • The winner will be announced one month after the competition begins on our social media channels and will be contacted by the CCDC for address details in order to receive their prize.
  • The CCDC reserves the right to use pictures, images and text included in tweets with the #IYPTCrystals hashtag in our promotional materials in print, on-line and in presentations without further permission from the author or account owner of the tweet. We will cite and otherwise give credit to the owner of the account that generated the image, when appropriate in the context of the use.
The CCDC reserves the right to cancel the contest without warning and without compensation to individuals who have entered, but we don’t expect this to happen.


  • A 3D structural model, the glory of being the #IYPTCrystals winner and the option of having a blog about your winning entry published on the CCDC website.

For information about the project, click here.