Image of Bromine: The third-lightest halogen atom with many applications (eg. pesticides)

Facts about Bromine:

  • Bromine: Brown colour liquid. Pungent odour at standard conditions
  • Fun fact about Bromine: Bromine can be extracted through sea water!!!
  • Chemical symbol: Br
  • Atomic number: 35

A crystal structure containing Bromine:

Image showing Bromine atoms (brown spheres) bonded together as Br2

Facts about this structure:

More info:

Bromine is a fairly abundant element and very harmful to the atmosphere. This element is found in sea water, natural brines and salt-lake evaoprates. It is the only non-metal element to exist in the liquid form at room temperature. Methyl-bromide (used as fumigant) is the largest source of ozone-depleting bromine. The first crystal structure of the Bromine (Br2) was published in the year 1936.

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A visualisation showing the structure containing Bromine alongside other structures published in the same scientific article: